Just how warm is Mike Tomlin’s coaching seat heading into 2014?

 Just how warm is Mike Tomlin’s coaching seat heading into 2014?


Steelers’ fans are used to seeing their team in the post-season. That’s just another reason why back-to-back 8-8 seasons, with no playoffs, has been so hard to stomach. So, with the 2014 season approaching quickly just how warm is Mike Tomlin’s seat?


There is a lot of talk in professional sports about the proverbial “hot seat.” It’s a term that is often used in conjunction with coaches who are expected to lose their jobs if things don’t change in their cities.


For Mike Tomlin things have to be getting warmer following two mediocre seasons that both saw the Steelers fail to qualify for the post-season. However, the team is known for their loyalty so is Tomlin really in danger of losing his job?


Most likely not, but if the Steelers struggle again during the 2014 season things certainly won’t be too comfortable for Tomlin a year from now. Once during Bill Cowher’s career as the Steelers head coach he went three straight seasons without a playoff berth.


That is one career milestone that Tomlin would rather not have on his resume.


One of the main reasons Tomlin has been brought up in many of these “hot seat” discussions is the fact that his first years with the team were alongside a team mainly comprised by Cowher. The team is now mainly players brought in under Tomlin’s regime and things haven’t gone well the past two seasons.


Much of that blame could also be placed on the front office. Their attempt to keep a championship core together for as long as possible handicapped the Steelers financially and they are still paying for it with dead money hits and contract restructures.


They were also rewarded with Tomlin’s second Super Bowl run in 2010, but unfortunately came away from that game empty handed.


2014 doesn’t look like a make or break season for Tomlin’s career in Pittsburgh, however another subpar season and he could be truly facing the hot seat in 2015.