Intel to ship 802.11ax chipsets in 2018

11 January, 2018, 09:13 | Author: Juana Mckenzie
  • Intel to ship 802.11ax chipsets in 2018

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry consortium that helps smooth the arrival of the 802.11 family of wireless networking engineering standards, is working on technology that will help Wi-Fi work better despite modern-day challenges. 802.11ax offers a path to faster, more intelligent Wi-Fi to support an increasing number of connected devices, the growing popularity of streaming HD content and the proliferation of smart home appliances and security systems. Once completed and deployed by hardware makers in earnest, 802.11ax will deliver significant performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi, with up to 40 percent higher peak data rates for a single client device and much better average throughput in congested areas where many wireless devices operate at the same time-Intel says its chipsets will enable up to 256 devices to share bandwidth at the same time.

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When adopting a new standard, it's critical to make sure infrastructure and client devices will work together smoothly.

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"There are already more than eight devices in the average USA home" using Wi-Fi, said Kevin Robinson, vice president of marketing for the Wi-Fi Alliance. Certification for "wave 2" devices was announced in June of 2016, Linksys shipped a wave 2 router for businesses the next month, and now it's common across higher-end consumer routers. Processor company Intel recently announced that they will be manufacturing processors that comply with the said standard within this year. The first 802.11ax chips should arrive this year, but mass adoption will occur in 2019, he added. It'll be several months before certified products hit the market.

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Obviously, new Wi-Fi standards are great and really important for helping us get online. Once the new chips have been adopted by smaller devices like laptops and phones, which again will take a while, you'll have to replace your current devices with new ones that support the new standard. And it's good to know that 802.11ax is coming - but it still has a ways to go before we're using it to connect to the web.



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