Steelers Add Stafford; Is There Something We Don’t Know About the Steelers Safeties?

Steelers Sign Free Agent Daimion Stafford

Image result for daimion staffordThe Pittsburgh Steelers have signed free agent safety Daimion Stafford. Stafford started his NFL career in 2013 as a seventh-round pick of the Tennessee Titans. He has played for the Titans in, mainly, a back-up role. Since entering the league Stafford has played in 62 games and has made eight starts.

Stafford, who was an unrestricted free agent, should be looked at as mainly a depth piece for the Steelers. There has been a lot of talk about the Steelers secondary this off-season and this is another move to bring competition into training camp.

Safety Depth Chart

Sean Davis and Mike Mitchell are still atop the safety depth chart at this time. Davis, who played very well as a rookie a season ago, will likely hold his spot for many years to come. As for Mitchell, there has been some talk this off-season about how much longer he will last in Pittsburgh. Mitchell does carry a decently sized cap number and the Steelers could look to move to a cheaper option. Perhaps not this off-season, but at the end of the season it is a real possibility.

Behind Mitchell and Davis the Steelers have a few veteran back-ups. Jordan Dangerfield, who has been with the Steelers since 2014, and Robert Golden, who is entering his sixth season with the team, will both be in the mix. Also on the roster are first-year player Jacob Hagen and undrafted rookie free agent Terrish Webb. Daimion Stafford will now join that group as they battle it out for the back-up spots behind Davis and Mitchell.

Is There Something We Don’t Know

Image result for sean davis steelersTime for the conspiracy theory. Sean Davis had off-season shoulder surgery and is currently sitting out of OTAs, which is, admittedly, not a big deal. If, however, it takes him longer than expected to return from surgery this could become a big headline in Pittsburgh. As for his counterpart, Mike Mitchell, there were reports that Mitchell was drug tested after working out with James Harrison earlier this off-season.

Now, if anything was to come from that drug test we would probably already know about it. As we all know, though, sometimes things get a little weird in the NFL and anything could happen. Now, assuming the signing of Stafford was in response to other news would also assume that the Steelers know something we don’t, which is not impossible. If it is true we would probably hear something official soon.

Let’s hope this move was just a lack of faith in Golden and Dangerfield and not anything else, but with Davis sidelined there has to be a little fear. As for the other option Golden has had five years to show what he can do. As for Dangerfield, he is a good special teams player, but the team hasn’t shown much faith in using him in the secondary. A guy like Stafford, who comes with experience, could be a replacement over either of those two players.

Other Roster Moves Today

The Steelers also re-signed long-snapper Kameron Canaday. Canaday will be brought in to compete with sixth-round pick Colin Holba. The NFL is all about competition and bringing Canaday back assures that Holba will have to win his job during camp rather than have it handed to him.

To make room on the roster the Steelers released punter A.J. Hughes.

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